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Smithfield Council Chambers turns 100!

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Original Smithfield Council Chambers on the Horsley Drive.

Original Smithfield Council Chambers on the Horsley Drive.

Now part of the Fairfield City Museum and Gallery, the original Smithfield Council Chambers were built in 1913 to house the Smithfield and Fairfield Council. The building was used until 1920 when the Council moved into temporary premises in upper floor of Wheatley’s General Store at The Crescent, Fairfield, after the commercial centre of the area shifted from Smithfield to Fairfield.

The building was sold to James Morris in 1920 for £250 and converted into a private home and remained with the Morris family until the death of James’ daughter Maesmore (Maisie) Morris in 1980. In 1981 it was purchased by Fairfield City Council the house the newly established Fairfield City Museum.

Today the Old Council Chambers is part of a much larger Fairfield City Museum and Gallery complex with a purpose built gallery space and walk-through historic village – including a replica of Wheatley’s General Store! The Old Council Chamber houses both a permanent exhibition – Fairfield: Many Faces, Many Stories – and temporary exhibition spaces.


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