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Roll of Honour – Municipality of Smithfield & Fairfield – 1914-1918

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WW1 Honor Roll The Honor Roll was located in Smithfield Park. This Roll of Honor, recorded the names of men from the Municipality of Smithfield and Fairfield who enlisted for service in “The Great War”. The plaque was removed from Fairfield Park c1987 due to deterioration and vandalism. Later a copy was erected in McCarthy Memorial Park, Smithfield (opposite the Smithfield Sub-Branch RSL).

Although the entire population of Australia during  1914-18 was estimated to be approximately 4 million people, according  to the Australian War Memorial 416809  Australians enlisted for service in the First World War. This represents 38.7% of the total male population aged between 18 -44. In New South Wales alone 164030 men enlisted.

By the end of the war, 58961 men had died, 166811 were wounded,  4098 were listed as missing or prisoners of war and 87865 suffered from sickness. At almost 65%, the Australian casualty rate (proportionate to total embarkations) was among the highest of any nation involved in the war.

(Source: Patsy Adam-Smith, The ANZACS (West Melbourne, Vic.: Thomas Nelson, 1978)

Further details can be located at http://www.warmemorialsregister.nsw.gov.au/content/mccarthy-memorial-park


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