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Centenary celebration of Cabra-Vale Memorial Park – 31st October 2014

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 To celebrate Cabra-Vale Memorial Park turning 100 years this October, Fairfield City Council is inviting everyone to share their stories, memories and photographs of the park.

M Y  E S C A P E

The Soldiers’ Memorial Bandstand, ca. 1922

An event will be held in October to commemorate the official opening of the park, which took place on 31 October 1914.

The stories and memories of the park will show how it has evolved over time and how it has played a central role in community life.

These stories will be collected and published as a book by Council. A copy of this book will go into a special commemorative Time Capsule, which will be buried as part of the centenary celebrations.

During the past 100 years Cabra-Vale Memorial Park has transformed into a beautiful landscape of mosaic designs for paths, seats and recreational space. The art promotes a culture that is rich in diversity and captures a history of significant changes.

The park also serves as a war memorial. A heritage-listed bandstand was built in 1919 to honour the soldiers who died fighting in World War I. A monument also stands in the park commemorating the comradeship between Australia and Vietnamese soldiers during the Vietnam War.

If you have a moment you would like to share please contact Marilyn Gallo (Local Studies Librarian) by email at mgallo@fairfieldcity.nsw.gov.au or contact 9725 0347.


One thought on “Centenary celebration of Cabra-Vale Memorial Park – 31st October 2014

  1. Between the year 1960s to 1970″s Mr and Mrs harvey were mayor and mayress , the were at the bi centenial ball in 1970 ,my sister kathy made he debute and i was flower girl , fairfield council should have a picture or information on mr harvey as he was mayor then

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