National Family History Month – Part 1

Quartermain (2)Families in the local area:

Eli Edward (Edwin) C. Quartermain was born in Liverpool in 1879 and died in Parramatta in 1954. His father was Charles John Quartermain (1830-1903) and his mother was Elizabeth Hollier (1846-1920), he had 2 brothers, Frank Charles Quartermain (1871-1940) and Oliver C. Quartermain (1873-1922). Eli married Rachel Agar in 1902.

Rachel was the daughter of James Lee Agar (1834-1922) and Ellen Casey (1841-1913). She has 3 sisters, Ellen Agar (1879- ), Elizabeth Maud Agar (1874- ) and Beatrice Agar (1882- ). Rachel and Eli were married at the home of Samuel & Maud Arthur (Rachel’s sister) by Rev. Joseph Hopkins on the 31st March 1902. They had 4 children, Arthur (1903- ), Roy (1905- ), Gladys and Dorothy .

Eli Quartermain worked as a telegrapher at Fairfield Railway Station and as a manager at Symons Brothers, Fairfield Tile Works between 1904 and 1912. The site of the Symons Bros Tile Factory was in Wilga Street, Fairfield. The business opened in 1895 and operated there for more than fifty years. The business expanded rapidly, it had drying sheds holding 120,000 tiles and kilns that were able to process 70,000 tiles. Verbal information suggests that the Symons Bros may have had a site in Smithfield before 1895 but this has not been confirmed.

Eli passed away on the 5th November 1954 at the age of 75. His wife Rachel, passed away on the 22nd July 1954 at the age of 78. Their tombstone is located at Smithfield General Cemetery on Dublin St, Smithfield. []


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  1. This gives me some more information of my Grandmother (Maud Agar). My name is David Arthur (son of Samuel Harold Arthur), Maud and Sam’s 1st child.
    My e-mail is not working, but should be ok in a week or two.

    • Hi Mr Arthur
      It’s nice to know that the information in the blog is used by the community and in your family research!


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