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National Family History Month – Part 2

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Families in the local area:

After arriving from England in 1840 as newlyweds, William and Eliza established a virtual dynasty. They amassed a considerable fortune, mainly through the timber industry and successful property speculation. Eliza gave birth to ten living children (five boys & five girls) who survived to adulthood and married. The Stimson family are well known in the Fairfield district for their civic mindedness.

William came to Australia at the age of 21. He became the largest property owner in the Fairfield district by the turn of the century. He served on the first Smithfield-Fairfield Council from 1889 and was elected Mayor during 1894-1895. A primary school named after William Stimson was established in Wetherill Park on October 1985 . His interest in local government was continued by his sons and grandsons and today his descendants still support the affairs of the Fairfield Council. [Photo in the centre]

Caroline (daughter of William and Eliza Stimson, Fairfield, born 22 march 1868) and Frank (son of Charles and Harriet Furner, Camden, born 29 September 1864) were married on the 8th of August, 1889 in the drawing room of Cambridge House, Fairfield.[Top left photo]

Charles Furner built Cambridge House for the Stimson in 1878; the Victorian style mansion was designed by Varney Parkes . Cambridge House stood on the banks of Prospect Creek at Fairfield, close to where the Cambridge Tavern is today. It had an ornamental lake and an entry bridge on its extensive ground. The picturesque landmark was previously given a category A rating by the National Trust (NSW). The property was destroyed by fire in 1975 and was subsequently demolished.

Children and grandchildren of George and Elizabeth (nee Hamilton) Stimson gathered outside their family home. “Lochiel” was located on Clifford Street, Canley Vale. The home was later converted into the Lochiel Private Hospital. George was the third son of William and Eliza Stimson. Elizabeth was the daughter of John Hamilton. [Top right photo]

In 1972, the Stimson family held a reunion at the Masonic Hall in Phelps St, Canley Vale.  216 family members, 6 generations of the Stimson gathered on this occasion at the Masonic Hall. Children attending the reunion, in the front row (left to right) include Christopher Callicott, Wayne Crabb, Delia Crabb, Allison Callicott, unidentified girl and boy. Family members attending the reunion include Frank Stimson, Ben and Florence Callicott, Evalt Crabb, Eric Stimson, Marj Kemple, Margaret Kable, Bruce Kable, Ed Cuthel, Eula Stimson, Chris Stimson, Nell Cuthel, Joan Crabb, Neil Crabb, Syd Furner, Vera Furner, Stella Prince and Jess McLeod. [Lower right photo]




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