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New Local History Publication

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To get hA journey in Timeold of our latest publication, head to the nearest branch in your area and pick up a free copy of “A journey in time : a history of St Johns Park and its people”. Copies are available to the public from the 15th of December 2015 at our libraries.

This new publication is a collaborative effort between members of the Old Timers Group, author Vicki Movizio, Marilyn Gallo (Local Studies Librarian from Fairfield City Council) and the St Johns Park Bowling Club (who funded the publication). Together, the group carried out research on St Johns Park’s history, conducted oral histories interviews and crowd sourced many photographs and stories from the wider community.

Interests from newspaper’s request generated more than 100 responses from local residents who willingly shared photographs and memories of the area. As a result, approximately 500 photographs were collected, 10 oral histories account were recorded and over 30 face to face interviews were carry out during the research period of this publication!



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