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Mrs Friend’s 1916 Christmas Pudding Recipe !

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Empire Chrismas Pudding Recipe

The recipe (on the back of a letter, dated 29/02/1916) was sent to Lambeth Friend by his mother Mary Friend who lived in Cardiff, Wales.


The letter was sent to Lambeth Friend by his mother Mary on the 29/02/1916 from Cardiff, Wales where she provides an account of the Zeppelin raids in Britain.


Lambeth John Steel Friend was the son of John Thomas and Mary Phofia Friend. He was married to Selina M Stanton in 1912 and the couple had three children. Lambeth was elected to the Smithfield and Fairfield Council in June 1917. He stood again in 1920 but was not elected. Alderman Friend was active in lobbying for public lighting for the community. At one meeting a letter was received from RF Steer reporting that a meeting of ratepayers and business people, held on the 12 November, viewed “with much gratification the effort of Alderman Friend to secure a system of public lighting for the more populous portions of the municipality”. On another occasion, Alderman Friend presented a petition with 137 signatures (a significant numbers in those days) again requesting that the council take action to have electricity provided for the town of Fairfield and asking that the council refute rumours that indicated the council was not prepare to proceed.

[Excerpt from Shaping Fairfield: the aldermen of Fairfield and Cabra-Vale Council 1889-1948 by Beverley Donald]



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