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Chinese Australians in WWI

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Chinese Australian in WW1 new“If Australia is good enough to live in, it is good enough to fight for. I hope to live in it again after the war.” 

In the month of August, in our new Heritage and History Program, we invite Historian Dr Kathleen Blunt to examine the forgotten history and legacy of Chinese Australians in World War I.

In her seminar, she delves into the causes of their enlistments into the Great War. She also investigates their rights as citizens and ask these vital questions – How did their react when their rights were being denied and their loyalty to Australia were questioned, based purely on racial grounds? How did they perceive themselves in terms of national identity? And how did they cope once they returned to civilian life?

These and other aspects of the “forgotten ingredients” in the Anzac mixture – the “Chinese-Australians” – whose valiant contributions have largely been ignored in Australian history, will be examined. Subsequently, the little known, but vital role played by the Chinese Labour Corps, and the participation of China itself in WWI will also be explored in her lecture.

To learn furthermore about the contributions, achievements and sacrifices of the Chinese Australian soldiers, visit Culture Victoria  .

Chinese Anzacs_CoverDownload a copy of Chinese Anzacs, a researched publication by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and the Chinese Museum to learn about the history of Chinese Australian families in Australia.



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