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Who’s been living in my house ?

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Who's been living in my house_Join Marilyn Gallo [ Heritage Services Librarian] at Smithfield Community Library and discover the various resources to use in researching the history of your house in our informative session. These resources include:

  • Maps (Parish maps)
  • Rate books
  • Waterboard plans
  • Sydney Sands directory
  • Phone directories
  • Council Minutes books
  • Street directories
  • Building inspectors reports
  • Surveyors field books
  • Electoral rolls
  • Census records
  • BAs & DAs
  • Trove
  • LPI Torrens Titles information
  • Valuation rolls/books
  • Photographic Database (Achivalware)
  • Probates

Here is a research guide produced by the Victorian Archives Centre that provides a simple and clear explanation  to the process of researching one’s home. Click here to access this publication.

The NSW State Records has also produced a guide for residents from NSW researching their house history. Click here to access the guide.


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