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Windows Into Wartime

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Windows into wartime : home front insights through the lens of NSW government photographers

Windows into Wartime is a new exhibition produced by NSW State Records for the Centenary of Anzac and to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the First World War.

The exhibition presents a selection of images produced by the NSW Government Printing Office Photographic Branch during and immediately after the Great War.

As society mobilised on the home front in support of Australia’s military effort overseas, government photographers were on the ground in Sydney and across the state shooting the image. They photographed a raft of activities and produced an extraordinary body of work that not only documented, but promoted and shaped how the people of NSW responded to the impact and upheaval caused by the First World War. The images captured advance – ments in public health, volunteerism, the organising of recruitment campaigns and patriotic fundraising events, the Red Cross movement and soldier support schemes. This collection of historic images—reproduced from original glass plate negatives—provides us with a unique insight into the NSW home front during the First World War.

Windows into Wartime is a free exhibition held at the Western Sydney Records Centre from 17th October 2016 to 9th September 2017. You can also view the online exhibition or visit the NSW State Records for further information.


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