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Sydney in 1943

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Thanks to SIX (Spatial Information Exchange) Maps, you can browse Sydney in 1943 in the same way you use Google Maps to view the modern world. The photographs were taken from a reconnaissance plane in 1943, and have been carefully ‘stitched together’ to appear as a satellite view. Here’s what Cabramatta CBD and Station looked like in 1943:


To have a look, simply head to SIX Maps, click on Basemaps in the top right hand corner, and then ‘Looking for 1943 imagery?’ An additional menu will open to the left, allowing you to select ‘Sydney 1943 imagery’.

This allows you to toggle between a modern and 1943 view by again selecting Basemaps and choosing between the two.

Use the searchbar in the top left hand corner to find a specific address.

Find anything interesting? Let us know in the comments!





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