Communities on the Move

The aim of COMMUNITIES ON THE MOVE is to celebrate the settlement of various ethnic and cultural communities in the Fairfield LGA.

It seeks to:

  • build relations between the Library and its client communities
  • celebrate the settlement of that community within the Fairfield LGA
  • promote knowledge of individual communities and ethnic groups to the wider community
  • collect historical material about the communities for the Local Studies collection so that it can also be made available in digital format
  • act as a catalyst for further collaboration

Communities on the Move is an annual event that sees activities ranging from music performances, dancing displays, talks and speeches, movie presentations conducted in the library.

Past events have included:

  • The Croatian Community
  • The Italian Community – Marconi Club
  • Sharing Cultures – music and dance from the Khmer and Latin American communities
  • The African Communities
  • A Fair Go – speakers from Arabic, Assyrian, Spanish, Vietnamese & Khmer backgrounds discussed issues such as stateless people, detention camps, family reunion and contributions of refugee communities to their new homelands.
  • A Great Day Out – collected films, videos and pictures of people enjoying themselves in Fairfield from the late 19th century to the present.
  • We Love Cabramatta – selected residents, business people and professionals talk about the reasons they find Cabramatta such a vibrant and interesting place to live and work.
  • Precious to Me – three speakers of different backgrounds speak about a cherished object with memories of their home country (on display in the Library for one week before and one week after the event). Objects included an immigration document, a garment, a photo and jewellery.
  • For Our Children & Grandchildren – using oral histories, pictures, costumes, objects and documents, community members spoke of their memories of migrating and settling in the Fairfield area.
  • The Assyrians in Fairfield
  • The Vietnamese in Fairfield
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